10 Modern Fonts for Creative or Innovative Industries

Fonts play a key role in many designs, from logos to more obvious places like text-heavy websites. And, a font is an entire vibe. We associate letters with different eras and sentiments, so it’s important that people correctly associate your font with the mood you want to give off.

When designing branded materials, you will need to make decisions about the font. It’s important to stay consistent across these materials, so find the perfect modern font for your logo and use it across all your web, social media, and print content.

To ensure you can always find the lettering you need when you need it, opt for a free modern font that’s easy to insert into any design. Below, we’ll show you some of the best modern fonts Picsart has to offer to help your designs stand out. It’s time to solidify your branding scheme with a font that says a lot about you (no matter what the words it says).

What are modern fonts?

graphic designer at work

When you think “modern,” you might imagine the architectural movements of the mid-twentieth century or a painting by Picasso. What you might not imagine are the 1800s.

Modern typefaces date back to the 19th century and traditionally consisted of vertical letters, subtle serifs (the little lines at the end of letters), and dramatic strokes.

But, like all definitions, this one has changed. When we hear the word modern now, we think of trendy minimalist designs. So today’s modern fonts may not have serifs or dramatic lettering. It can be bold fonts or casual fonts. What they have in common is that they look like contemporary fonts for 21st century design projects. Although it may seem contradictory, they believe nothing like the 1800s.

What are the characteristics of modern fonts?


So what are some of the characteristics we’ve come to associate with modern fonts? Here are some of the most recognizable aspects of these typefaces. Keep an eye out for these types of fonts in your favorite brand logos and elsewhere.

  • Geometric shapes
  • abstract shapes
  • Casual lettering (especially with script)
  • Small or Sans Serif
  • Bold letters (think mid-century modern fonts for logos and events)
  • Thin and minimalist letters
  • narrow letters
  • Undermined letters
  • Retro curves
  • No frills
  • Easy to read letters

Who uses modern fonts?

Graphic designers and other creatives

modern fonts in graphic design

Modern fonts are clean and polished, so they’re popular among designers and others in the creative industry. You’ll find these fonts on graphics, logos, and marketing materials.

Food and beverage companies

food and drink using modern fonts

Modern fonts, especially the more minimalist sans serif fonts, are easy to read and therefore work well on labels. Other modern fonts such as bold, geometric, or abstract fonts are ideal for eye-catching logos.

Clothing brands

modern clothing fonts

Modern fonts give off a casual vibe and, depending on the type of typography you use, can even feel luxurious.

Technology brands

technology using modern fonts

What’s more contemporary than tech? Tech brands use clean lines and visually appealing, no-frills typography. Just think of how many tech brand logos are easily recognizable by a well-chosen letter like the Twitter T, the Facebook F, or the Google G.


modern fonts in editing

You might not find a modern typeface on a 17th-century book cover, but you’ll likely see them on newer editions, as well as new novels and magazines.

10 of the best modern fonts

Here are 10 of our favorite modern fonts, all of which can be found on Picsart and incorporated into your design projects. And, remember, if you can’t find exactly the lettering you want on Picsart, you can always upload your own.


Helvetica Font

This simple font is a contemporary classic. With clean lines and many different letter weights and variations (bold, compressed, etc.), this sans serif font is the perfect fit for a range of design projects. You’ll find this font in everything from headlines to body text.


sackers gothic std light font

This all caps lettering is minimalist, chic and well-spaced. It’s great for titles and logos.


Lubalin Graph Std Book Font

Looking for a font that strikes the perfect balance between old and new? This is a serif font for the modern era.

New Kabel

new kabel font

This distinctive font has a luxurious air, but a casual contemporary feel. Think about it for the labels of your new clothing brand.

Bebas Neue

bebas neue font

Bebas Neue is the perfect all-purpose font for contemporary minimalist designs.


A Unica font

This unique font will help your brand stand out. This is the kind of lettering that looks like it took hours to create especially for your design.

mono creative

Cutive Mono Font

Looking for a tech font that also fits into a minimalist design scheme? This well-spaced font looks a bit 80s but a bit futuristic.


monotonous font

This display font (a good choice for signs and headlines) commands attention with modern lines and an artistic flair. These letters have so much design play that you don’t need to do much more to your project to make it stand out.

Elisa Stel-Bolu

font elisa stel-bolu

That’s not your mother’s script. It’s a casual contemporary font that’s perfect for flower shop business cards or leading a menu in a new-age cafe.


Mondernic Font

This font contains the word “modern” in its title. It’s a bold geometric font with an art deco vibe that will grab attention, so save it for titles and logos.

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